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 QSetup Installation Suite v8.5.1.2

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Master Admin

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PočaljiNaslov: QSetup Installation Suite v8.5.1.2   Pet Mar 28, 2008 10:43 am

QSetup is a highly effective installation program, for top quality sophisticated setups. QSetup features intuitive interface, that will help you create solid installations in a very short period of time. Using QSetup you will be able to add AutoUpdate capability to your program. QSetup will produce a single Self Extract installation file that can be downloaded from the Internet, distributed on a CD or placed on a central File Server. QSetup is a 32 bit Windows program. It will run and create installations for: Win95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003.
QSetup includes Innovative Execution Engine that will help you define sophisticated operations by using a menu rather then a scripting language.

Add the finishing touch to your latest program with a professional
installation routine...

Windows Vista™ Ready!
Windows Vista™ is here! If you haven't yet built your installations to be compatible with Windows Vista, you have no time to lose. QSetup 8.0 is now Windows Vista™ Ready!

It's so easy and yet so powerful...
QSetup from Pantaray Research makes project packaging a fast and easy experience. Use our "intuitive" menus to easily handle your most challenging installation tasks. Set up sophisticated, condition-based actions and instantly test from within the Composer.

Execution Engine
The Execute Engine will let you perform a wide range of operations in a simple and intuitive way. Other installers like "InstallShield" or "Wise Install" implement such operations using very complex and time consuming scripting language. The operations of the "Execution Engine" can be UnConditional Conditional and in a While loop.

QSetup is unique in its ability to create setups that will AUTO-UPDATE from the Internet - when a new version of the program is available. You can also just AUTO-INFORM your users of the availability of a new version, and prompt them to update using regular browsing techniques. Adding Auto-Update or Auto-Inform to your setup is very easy. The whole procedure can be completed just by using QSetup intuitive menus. No need to add any line of code to your program.

Custom Dialogs
QSetup PRO includes a special Custom Dialogs Designer tool. Using this user friendly tool you can easily create new dialogs that will suit your evolving setup needs. Each Dialog will contain as many controls as needed from an assortment of the 11 most popular controls available under Windows. Once a new custom dialog is ready use the "Execution Engine" to interact with the dialog at setup time.

Language support
QSetup includes the most comprehensive infrastructure for Multilingual installation support. You can easily create true Multilingual setup with several license & readme files in all the languages you choose. The actual setup language will be selected either automatically (by reading the LOCALE from the OS) or manually by the end user. All text can be fully localized. Currently more then 30 languages are supported, and you can easily add your own language if your favorite one is missing.

Tokenized Serial Numbers
The idea behind Tokenized Serial Numbers is to provide every one of your customers with a UNIQUE serial number which is based on a secret Token provided by you, and a "User Name" and/or "Company Name" provided by the customer. Use the "Tokenized Serial Numbers" feature to greatly reduce software piracy and increase revenues.

Version 8.X Highlights

* Create Windows Vista™ compatible setup.
* Fine tune your setup display using Custom Dialogs.
* Integrate "Merge Modules" in your setup.
* Install .NET Framework during setup.
* Create a SelfExtract setup of upto 4GB (Windows limit).
* No size limit on SpanCDs & "Split Setup" installations.
* "Create Auto Update Log" on the "Auto Update" Page.
* Register files as ".NET Assembly" on the "Files" Page.

Program Structure
QSetup include the following files and components:

Composer.exe The program you will use to create your setup project.
Engine.exe The program that will run on your customer's computer to perform the actual Installation/UnInstall.
Stub.exe The Self Extract kernel.
Help files Some help files in RTF format
Demo files Some source code in C/C++, PASCAL & VB to demonstrate how to create service DLLs. DLLs are optional and may be required for "Serial Check" and to enhance the operation of the "Execution Engine".
Language files Some language files that will allow you to set the installation language.

Program Installation

QSetup will install by default in the directory:
C:\Program Files\Pantaray\QSetup.
All files will be installed in this location, no DLLs or ActiveX in any other place on your computer.

When run QSetup will create the following registry key:

Should you decide to UnInstall QSetup, the UnIstallation program will remove it completely from your computer leaving no trace at all.


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QSetup Installation Suite v8.5.1.2
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